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Financing dedicated to wedding for the first time in Egypt
Financing up to one million pounds with the fastest approval in Egypt

Apply for financing now, with financing from the first 10 thousand pounds and up to one million Egyptian pounds, and it is estimated in installments up to 36 months without a down payment

The first financing dedicated to weddings in Egypt
Now, for the first time in Egypt, you can install your wedding in installments up to 36 months, with financing up to one million Egyptian pounds dedicated to weddings, and you can book your wedding anywhere in Egypt and by installments.
The fastest approval in Egypt
Get a quick approval within a maximum of 3 days only if the papers are complete
Less complicated terms
The least papers and the easiest approval in Egypt. All that is required of you is a copy of the national ID card and proof of income (salary items, register and tax card, or bank statement).
Funding up to one million pounds
Get financing now from the first 10,000 pounds up to 1 million Egyptian pounds, without down payment

You can book everything related to the day of joy

Installing the wedding day is easier, and you can also book everything for your wedding, including a ballroom, singer, dress, makeup, hair, and more than that. Book your wedding now

Sections available for booking in installments
Cosmetic and dental

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Important note: The financing is intended for booking wedding services only (such as the hall, the dress, the honeymoon trip, and any other service related to the day of Wedding), and the financing cannot be received in cash for any reason.